Our mission

Although China and United States are leading the global race of digital platform economy (Data Economy / API economy) we strongly believe that European startups have just scratched the surface of their potential.

As the world is on the verge of 4th industrial revolution, the game chances. Companies that put digital platform and data into the heart of their business will have a better change to win. But’s its not all technology anymore. The world is changing and responsible entrepreneurship is on the rise.

“We are calling all players to unite in front of a bigger cause.”

– Teemu Malinen

World is changing

Digital platforms have truly changed us. Some twenty years ago we couldn’t yet comprehend the scope of the change. Early adapters like Google and Amazon have led the way, but today’s world is fundamentally different. Every single business is being transformed and disrupted. The world cannot operate on a few platforms alone. There is so much room for innovation.

Europe’s potential

Privacy is one issue that we believe European Union has an edge compared to US and China. We already have modern copyright regulation, cross border rule set on export business, rules on online platform trading practices and a lot more. We have to realize the potential arising from the hearts and minds of people. Digital platforms are the most effective method create new.

It’s up to new generation of innovative entrepreneurs.

“Digital platforms are driving the most profound global macroeconomic change since the industrial revolution.”

– Accenture Survey 2018

Core values

We are looking for the next generation startups that have not only a digital platform in the heart of their business, but also follow responsible business practices, respect consumer rights, foster the trust and transparency while ensuring fairness.

We respect the talent of the people and believe in the power of the team working together for the common goal. Entrepreneurship is the driving force that can solve problem, unleash new opportunities and help more people to succeed.

We believe that tomorrow human is more humane.


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