The world is facing the challenge of the new economy. Digital platforms will shape and transform every single business in the future, and it is our aim to ensure that Finland and Europe will stay in the game. The challenge is so big, that no one player can handle it. We need each other.

“Our dream is create Finnish digital platform community”

Let’s create a value network

We want to network with every relevant player in the field. The future is not made of value chains, it’s made of value networks. These networks are a mix of collective human intellect and emotions interconnected with advanced digital platforms.

We’ll help you in creating digital capabilities, but we need to make the world smaller in order to be successful. If you are enthusiastic about digital platform possibilities and want to partner with us, please contact us. Every single person and organization matters.

Investment opportunity

We are looking for investors who wish to invest to digital platform startup -companies. Our investment company will validate, invest and follow up to early stage companies that meet our criteria of digital platform, have a validated business idea and growth driven team.

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Organization partnering

If you represent an organization or a business working closely with digital platforms, we want to get to know you. We already have a solid network, but we want to find each and every player that can drive the digital platform economy forward.

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Job opportunities

Our operation model is truly networked, so we aren’t currently hiring people. But we do provide very close co-operation and learning opportunities to bright minds from Sipoo to Shanghai. If you would be willing to help us open a presence at a new location, please drop us a note.
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